About Us

End FGC Singapore, founded in November 2020 by local Muslim-raised women and activists, is a community effort led by a diverse group of people who advocate for the end of female genital cutting in Singapore. We hope to encourage conversations about sunat perempuan amongst our communities so as to inspire care and change. 

About this booklet

Let’s Talk About Sunat Perempuan is a booklet created to explore questions about sunat perempuan or female genital cutting (FGC). We present existing scientific and religious research and experiences of parents and  those who have undergone FGC. Most of the quotes here are from direct messages or emails we received. We invite you to read this resource with an open heart and mind.

In order to make this knowledge accessible to all, we have created an online website of our booklet. All the information in the physical version of the booklet is also available on the website

This booklet was developed with the support of beyondhijab.sg




Survivor Archives

Survivor Archives is a space and repository for FGC survivors in Singapore to share anecdotes, experiences and/or thoughts about the practice.