Solidarity with Palestine

On 6 November 2023, Parliament discussed the Israel-Palestine conflict.We support calls from MPs to teach students about the historical context of the conflict and encourage open discussions.

We also back the MPs' call for Singapore to provide long-term aid to Gaza, beyond immediate relief, and fulfill its previous pledge to offer technical assistance to Palestine through ETAP.2

Additionally, we agree with calls to allow open discussions of the conflict in places like Hong Lim Park. Similar events have occurred worldwide, including London, Washington, Berlin, Jakarta, and more. Instead of division and animosity, we have seen people from diverse religions, communities, and cultures coming together in solidarity with the people of Palestine.

Israel is carrying out a genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.3 More than 10,569 Palestinians have been killed, including women, children, the press, medical and humanitarian workers.4 Israel have cut off the supply of water, fuel and humanitarian aid to Gaza.5

End Female Genital Cutting Singapore (EFS) affirms the right of Palestinians to self-determination and access to basic necessities and human rights. EFS unequivocally stands with Palestine. 

More efforts need to be made by the global community to condemn Israel's genocide in Gaza. We urge the Singapore Government to: